The days of haggling over free meals and Instagram photos are over.

takes the friction out of working with influencers. No more cold emails, no more negotiating, no more contracts. At Gourmay, the influencers find you.

How it works

- 1 -

Set a cost-per-click rate

This is the rate you pay each time a follower clicks on a link to your restaurant's website.

- 2 -

Influencers post your partner link

You only pay when followers in your local area click on influencers' links, and nothing when they don't.

- 3 -

Get social media mentions and viral posts

Getting just one Tweet, Instagram photo or personal blog to talk about your food gets others to follow. When influencers talk, other influencers listen.

has only one price.

There are no signup fees and no annual subscriptions.

Just one flat rate: 5% of total click spend.

In other words, we only make money when influencers drive traffic to your restaurant.

Check out our full Pricing page here.

Product features

Geography constraints
Set an “origination policy”, where only clicks originating from a certain geography count toward your costs.

Click caps
Prevent viral posts from catching you with unexpected payouts.

Click fraud detection
We cross-reference click counts between Google Analytics,, our own measures and third-party SaaS solutions – then give you all the data to compare. 

Verified identity partners
We carefully review every application for authentic social media profiles, real identities and genuine online followings.

You're a restaurant.
Being busy is your business.

You definitely don’t need any extra work.

That’s why we made Gourmaydirt simple.

You post a CPC and – you’re done.

Influencers will come find you and create awesome content.

In the past, you paid marketing agencies to produce content for you – like banner ads, graphic designs, sales copy and restaurant videos 📹

And then you paid them again to distribute that content across various marketing channels, like Facebook or Instagram or Google AdWords 👀

You also kind of hoped they understood your customers…even though they’re just some agency? 🤔

It's time to ditch the marketing agency.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could produce original content uniquely for your restaurant, then distribute it to all their loyal fans?

Like - you know - an influencer? 👏

The authenticity is baked in.

More than ever, consumers demand authenticity. And that’s what brands are giving them. Authentic brands – like microinfluencers – have better engagement and higher conversion rates than plain-Jane, big-name celebrities.

Influencers need to be authentic in what they promote, or else they risk losing their credibility. And restaurants only want people who genuinely like their food as long-term partners.

That’s why at , influencers can work only with the restaurants they actually go to and love. It’s a win-win.

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