For the owner who wants to run a restaurant, not a marketing agency.


At Gourmay, there’s just one simple price.


of total click spend

  • No taxes
  • No registration fee
  • No monthly membership fees
  • No payment processing fees
  • No BS

Here’s what you get


Content creation

Influencers create videos, snap photos, write articles and create amazing content uniquely for your business

Content distribution

Stop paying for intrusive “drive-by” ads on Facebook and Instagram, and have influencers share your brand directly with their followers

Viral content

Becoming the “place to go” happens from word of mouth, not display ads. Get influencers talking about your restaurant and driving word-of-mouth sales

Set it and forget it

Set your offer once and receive email notifications whenever influencers take it up. You won’t spend more than 5 minutes on the setup – guaranteed.

Data-driven analytics

Pay only for the clicks influencers drive to your business. Get data on who’s performing best and who’s clicking on your links.

Hassle-free billing

Payments automatically deduct from your account balance every statement period, with email notifications included.

Which means you saveBig.

✓ You don’t pay an ad agency to create and manage your videos, photos and graphics

✓ You don’t pay digital marketers to produce content for all the social media platforms

✓ You don’t pay a marketing agency to find influencers who cater to your target clientele (with Gourmay, the influencers find you)

✓ You don’t pay a PR agency to create “word-of-mouth” hype (with Gourmay, influencers do this for you)

✓ You don’t pay Facebook or Instagram or Foursquare each time a user sees your ad

Marketing as it should be.

Real people telling their friends and fans about your food. Videos, photos, articles. Amazing content.

No more drive-by ads.

Ad dollars should drive new business, not overhead.

In the world of marketing, there’s a lot of overhead. Ad agencies. Publicists. Digital marketers. SEO experts.

Ever wonder where all your ad spend is going? 🤔 Towards new customers, or towards overhead?

With Gourmay, here’s exactly where your money’s going.

Now that’s a good return on investment 📈

You may have a few questions…

“Will marketing with influencers be a waste of money?”

We can’t say for sure, but we can confidently say that it’s better than Facebook ads. Nobody likes seeing ads, but everybody likes seeing good content – especially from people they subscribe to. We help get your restaurant inside that content and in front of customers.


“How much will I spend?”

You spend as much you specify as your max budget. You don’t have to worry about viral posts putting you on the hook for hundreds of dollars in payouts. If your max payout is $500, that’s the most you’ll spend. No surprises.


“What about click fraud? Am I paying for those clicks?”

No. We take click fraud very seriously. We cross-reference each click against various third-party click fraud algorithms, as well as our own, to validate its authenticity. We also expose all this data to you, so you can see just how many clicks you’re paying for out of the total amount. Finally, if we suspect any creator of engaging in fraudulent click activity, we withhold their payouts and suspend their account.


“How about clicks from abroad? Do I pay for those clicks?”

No. You specify an allowable geography in which followers must reside in order for their clicks to be counted toward your payouts. We identify a user’s location using IP data, as well as third-party services. However, keep in mind that if your geographic policy is too restrictive, influencers may not take up your offer.


“What’s the catch?”

No catch – we’re keeping this as simple as possible. Pay only for the clicks which drive traffic to you – no more, no less. If you don’t find Gourmay useful, you’re free to withdraw your remaining account balance at any time. Getting started is fast and risk-free.

“Can I comp meals using Gourmay?”

As of now, no. Complimentary meals exchange an upfront, free meal for a future social media post, which puts a lot of risk on the restaurant. We think you should only pay for demonstrated results, like how many clicks influencers drive to your website.

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