At , we make it easy for creators to connect with and produce content for the restaurants they love ❤️

Today, content creators with loyal followings produce all sorts of content for brands: unboxing videos, product reviews, fashion and apparel advice, or health and beauty recommendations. They also distribute content across a wide variety of marketing channels, from YouTube and Instagram to Facebook and personal blogs.

Because creators are compensated for the content they produce, we’ve seen more engaging and informative content than ever before. Brands no longer have to develop all of the ad creative in-house – they can now work directly with creators to produce and distribute content for their own loyal audiences.

But despite the huge amount of content we now see, one large area of our lives is conspicuously missing.


There’s almost no content for restaurants today – only editorial reviews by large, established publications. The amount of user-generated content is slim, which leaves restaurant goers seeking more authentic content from people they respect and trust. In other words, original content from creators.

Restaurant reviews shouldn’t be confined to blobs of text on Yelp or Google. They should be living experiences

They should be exciting interviews with the owner on YouTube, or delectable photos of tasting menus on Instagram, or Sunday brunch specials broadcast over Twitter. They should be genuine and fun and interesting and informative – which is exactly what creators specialize in.

At our mission is to support content creators in producing engaging, authentic media about the restaurants they know and love. And we want restaurants’ Internet presences to no longer be defined by a bare-bones website on the second page of Google.

In the future, every restaurant you’re curious about will have professional-grade Instagram photos, in-depth YouTube videos, and long-form blog posts by creators whose job it is to produce amazing content. That’s what we’re building at Gourmay.

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